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Argentine Cinema (1945-1995)

Updated March 18, 2021Article of the guest columnist,Paraná Sendrós for Argentine cinema of ’50 Cinema arrived in Argentina soon after being launched in Paris and, in a short time, the first national productions started to be shot. Among other attractions, there were world-class pioneers in scientific and animation movies....

Argentine Cinema History: La muchachada de a bordo (1936)

Argentine Cinema History (1896-1945)

Updated March 15, 2021The Silent Film Argentine cinema history begins with the first film exhibition with a motion picture of the Lumiére’s, that took place on July 18, 1896. In 1894 the kinetoscope had already made its arrival and, by early 1896, a kinetoscope concessionaire had tried public projections with a...

5 Emblematic figures of the Argentine Ballet: Swan Lake, Ballet

5 Emblematic figures of the Argentine Ballet

Updated March 23, 2021 Brief review of the trajectory of the leading figures of the Argentine ballet: Jorge Donn, Norma Fontela and José Neglia, Julio Bocca, Maximiliano Guerra, dancers excellence in Argentina and the world. These emblematic figures of the Argentine Ballet, have in common to have left their mark...

Teatro Colón de Buenos Aires, Fotografía Antigua

Teatro Colón Buenos Aires: Top 5 Opera House

Updated March 14, 2021 Colon Theatre, of Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, Argentina, is one of the 5 best opera houses in the world. It is notable for its extraordinary acoustics, its size and its trajectory awarded for the performance of the most important national and international figures. First Teatro...

Colón Theater Ballet in Argentina since 1940

Colón Theater Ballet in Argentina since 1940

Updated March 23, 2021Ballet in Argentina during the 1940’s The Colon Theater Ballet in Argentina during the decade of the ’40 incorporates important figures of the Russian ballet. Balanchine worked for our Ballet in 1942. Monte Carlo Ballets with Léonide Massine and the Original Ballet Russe of Colonel Basil also performed...

Colón Theater Ballet in Argentina since 1940

History of Ballet in Argentina: 1600-1940

Updated March 23, 2021 The History of Ballet in Argentina, is the history of dance representation, essential form of the art of ballet, from the seventeenth century. The origins must date back from the times of Spanish domination and, more precisely, of the settlement of the Missions by the Fathers...

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Argentina Population: The Argentine present

Updated March 23, 2021 In this report we are going to tell you about the Argentina demographic composition, population map with demographic density by province, territorial distribution of the population and data on the Argentine population abroad. All the data offered correspond to the last INDEC census carried out on...

The arrival of immigrants to Argentina

The arrival of immigrants to Argentina

Updated March 23, 2021 When the arrival of immigrants to Argentina in the 19th century, occurred, Argentina was a vast territory with a low demographic density. The need to attract European immigration was a permanent desire.While Europe was industrialized, Argentina was a farming and cattle raising country which provided the...

Argentine Modern State: Double-decker bus on the streets of Buenos Aires

Argentine Modern State

The nineteenth century left an expected economic growth and political stability, creating the modern Argentine state. Waves of immigration created social classes and formed the identity Argentina. The bloodiest dictatorships marked to fire the country today.

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Spanish Conquest and Population

Updated June 9, 2019 Those white men were sometimes supreme beings coming from heaven to the natives. Gods, who brought in their baggage, progress but also syphilis and gunpowder. Spanish conquest and population took place from the sixteenth century to 1810 with the development of three streams settlers: the East,...