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Tango Argentino gathers reports on music, dance and lunfardo. Carlos Gardel, tango singer. What was the first sung tango? If you want to know all the details of the history of tango, Here in El Sur del Sur: Argentina: The country, its people and culture.

Tango Argentino Los ojos de mi Moza. Partitura. Detalle

History of Tango Argentino

Artículo de columnistas invitados Los Dinzel para surdelsur.com Undoubtedly, Tango Argentino holds a privileged position in the representation of the Argentine abroad. While, basically, it is known as a dance and a music which can be sung, tango also contains a particular language – lunfardo -, certain usages and customs, and even a characteristic philosophy identifying tango people. At an international level, in order to distinguish it from so many other forms that appear in dance halls, it is known as Argentine tango or Tango Argentino. It was this which gave rise to all...

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