Great summary of Argentine ballet. In this section we have, what were the origins of theatrical dance and ballet history in Argentina. As was the evolution of classical dance from the 40s and what were the outstanding figures of the international ballet who visited us. Who they are our most iconic dancers, and those who were leaving a lasting impression with their stellar performances. As is the Teatro Colon, one of the top 5 opera houses of the world … Here in Argentina Ballet section of Cultural Identity in El Sur del Sur: Argentina: the country, its culture and its people ….!

El Lago de los Cisnes, Ballet

5 Emblematic figures of the Argentine Ballet

Updated June 9, 2019 Brief review of the trajectory of the leading figures of the Argentine ballet: Jorge Donn, Norma Fontela and José Neglia, Julio Bocca, Maximiliano Guerra, dancers excellence in Argentina and the world. These emblematic figures of the Argentine Ballet, have in common to have left their mark...

La Sylphide, Ballet, en el Teatro Colón

Ballet in Argentina

Updated January 26, 2020Ballet in Argentina during the 1940’s The Argentine ballet during the decade of the ’40 incorporates important figures of the Russian ballet. Balanchine worked for our Ballet in 1942. Monte Carlo Ballets with Léonide Massine and the Original Ballet Russe of Colonel Basil also performed in the early...

La Sylphide, Ballet, en el Teatro Colón

History of Ballet in Argentina

Updated January 27, 2020 The History of Ballet in Argentina, is the history of dance representation, essential form of the art of ballet, from the seventeenth century. The origins must date back from the times of Spanish domination and, more precisely, of the settlement of the Missions by the Fathers...