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The Río de la Plata, the widest in the world

Río de la Plata, Widest river in the World

The Río de la Plata, the widest in the world, is located in South America on the border between Argentina and Uruguay. It arises from the confluence of the Paraná and Uruguay rivers, extending from northwest to southeast, to later flow into the South Atlantic. The Río de la Plata belongs to the Cuenca del … Leer más

Miguel Lillo Foundation

Miguel Lillo Foundation

Fundación Miguel Lillo was created as a consequence of the legacy of the scholar and philantropist Dr. Miguel Lillo, which was accepted by the National State in all its terms, as per Decree No. 12.935 and 14.729/46, unanimously ratified by the Honorable National Congress as per 1947 Act No. 12.935. Origin Miguel Lillo Foundation Dr. … Leer más