Access the information on Argentine Biogeography and approach the flora and fauna of the two main regions, Neotropical and Antarctic, which define the characteristics of the surface of our country.
All vegetable and animal species are shown along this journey into Argentine nature … Here in El Sur del Sur: Argentina: The country, its culture and its people.

Museo Fundación Miguel Lillo - Tucuman

Miguel Lillo Foundation

Updated June 9, 2019Origin Miguel Lillo Foundation Fundación Miguel Lillo was created as a consequence of the legacy of the scholar and philantropist Dr. Miguel Lillo, which was accepted by the National State in all its terms, as per Decree No. 12.935 and 14.729/46, unanimously ratified by the Honorable National...

Glossary of Zoological Terms

Glossary of Zoological Terms of Argentina

Updated June 9, 2019Glossary of Zoological Terms of Argentina with the fauna of Biogeographic Provinces, presented by its common and scientific name; and in alphabetical order. Article of the guest columnist, Esteban O. Lavilla y Juan A. González for See all reports about Biogeography of Argentina >> [A] —[C]...

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