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In this section we have, what are the different musical genres. Which was the first tango. The authors of the lyrics and music, trends. The Argentine tango and its indissoluble connection with the slang. Who are the interpreters of Argentina folk music, folklore and map that shows how the landscape is related to the music of the different regions. Everything here in Argentina Music section of El Sur del Sur: Argentina: The country, its culture and its people.

Tango Argentino Los ojos de mi Moza. Partitura. Detalle

History of Tango Argentino

Artículo de columnistas invitados Los Dinzel para Undoubtedly, Tango Argentino holds a privileged position in the representation of the Argentine abroad. While, basically, it is known as a dance and a music which can...

Guitarra, instrumento musical, característico de la música folklórica argentina

Argentine Folk Music History

Article of the guest columnist, Horacio Alberto Agnese para Argentine folk music, is also named as Argentina folklore music or Argentina folkloric music Just as the country is divided into different regions according...