Argentine Music: Folklore and Tango

In this section we have, what are the different musical genres. Which was the first tango. The authors of the lyrics and music, trends. The Argentine tango and its indissoluble connection with the slang. Who are the interpreters of Argentina folk music, folklore and map that shows how the landscape is related to the music of the different regions. Everything here in Argentina Music section of El Sur del Sur: Argentina: The country, its culture and its people.

Lunfardo and Tango Argentino: Compadrito portrait

Lunfardo and Tango Argentino

Lunfardo and tango are certainly not blood brothers. Tango has black blood and lunfardo has gringo blood. I am not taking sides, as far as tango is concerned, in the controversy between Hispanists and Nigroists; I am just saying that what is Spanish in tango is of African lineage, including...

Tango argentino: Bailando Tango en el Palais de Glace

History of Tango Argentino

Origin of Argentine Tango Undoubtedly, Tango Argentino holds a privileged position in the representation of the Argentine abroad. While, basically, it is known as a dance and a music which can be sung, tango also contains a particular language – lunfardo -, certain usages and customs, and even a characteristic...

Argentine Folk Music History: Guitar instrument characteristic of folk music

Argentine Folk Music History

Argentine folk music, is also named as Argentina folklore music or Argentina folkloric music Just as the country is divided into different regions according to its most important geographical and climatic features, you can also identify different cultural areas, each with characteristics of its own, although they may not be...