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Relive the history of Argentine sports, with this report clarified. An accurate synthesis ranging from the start, -the first sports, clubs and tournaments internationally level-, even the most outstanding characters of all time. The history of Argentine sports in El Sur del Sur: Argentina: The country, its culture and its people.

Juan Manuel Fangio

History of Argentine Sport

Updated October 11, 2015Artículo de columnista invitado Daniel H. Jacubovich para If history of Argentine sport were a summation of dates and synoptic charts, we could search for the datum indicating the day when, for the first time in these lands so far away from the “civilized” centers, a competition was held for something more serious and less tragic than a military battle. Fortunately, once again we realize that sports, their history, their competitive level and their place in the scale of social values become a symptom of what is happening, of...

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