May Revolution Argentina's First Patriotic Government

May Revolution Argentina’s First National Government

The May Revolution, May 25, 1810, deposed the Spanish viceroy and appointed the Primera Junta (First Patriotic Government Board), elected by the people, in the Cabildo of Buenos Aires, the Capital of the then Viceroyalty of the Río de la Plata. It is also the culmination of May Week where revolutionary actions mark the path … Leer más

Argentine Modern State: Double-decker bus on the streets of Buenos Aires

Argentine Modern State

The nineteenth century left an expected economic growth and political stability, creating the modern Argentine state. Waves of immigration created social classes and formed the identity Argentina. The bloodiest dictatorships marked to fire the country today.

Pueblos Indígenas de Argentina

Indigenous Peoples in Argentina

The indigenous people in Argentina were essentially nomadic and generally lived by hunting, fishing and gathering. In the 16th century, the confrontation with the Spanish conqueror curtailed their chances of cultural development. Nevertheless, in spite of this blow, they managed to survive in time and history. Today they constitute an important segment of the Argentine … Leer más

The First Settlers in Argentina

The First Settlers in Argentina

Along time ago, thousands of years back in the past, hunting tribes arrived from the north of the American continent in search of a land to settle down. When they found it, they did not imagine they were laying the foundations of a country that would eventually be named Argentina. The first settlers in Argentina, … Leer más