Review the history of Argentine Theatre, all made from 1783 until today.
The first work of a local author, the birth of the gaucho drama, the arrival of immigrants and with them the farce, and much more … Here in El Sur del Sur: Argentina: The country, its culture and its people.

Argentine Theater since 1910: Scene with Ernesto Bianco

Argentine Theater since 1910

Article of the guest columnist, Osvaldo Calatayud for The Argentine Theater from 1910 onwards, continues the path taken since the late eighteenth century. A theater with authors and criollos interpreters, that tells about the lives of Argentines with different styles: the sainete Criollo, the gaucho style, the usual comedy...

Argentine Theater History (1783-1910) Coliseo Theater

Argentine Theater History (1783-1910)

In the Argentine theater history, different periods are described: Creating the first theatre,  La Ranchería Theatre; El Coliseo Provisional; period, theater in times of Rosas; the theater of 1860-1880 and the Generation of ’80  covering the period of 1880-1910. To learn more about the history of theater from 1910 on, we suggest...