Argentine Theater since 1910: Scene with Ernesto Bianco

Argentine Theater since 1910

The Argentine Theater from 1910 onwards, continues the path taken since the late eighteenth century. A theater with authors and criollos interpreters, that tells about the lives of Argentines with different styles: the sainete Criollo, the gaucho style, the usual comedy and the major trends of the theater were expressed, in its own language. To … Leer más

Argentine Theater History (1783-1910) Coliseo Theater

Argentine Theater History (1783-1910)

In the Argentine theater history, different periods are described: Creating the first theatre,  La Ranchería Theatre; El Coliseo Provisional; period, theater in times of Rosas; the theater of 1860-1880 and the Generation of ’80  covering the period of 1880-1910. To learn more about the history of theater from 1910 on, we suggest to see The Argentine theater since … Leer más