Argentine Literature: Authors

Argentine literature was born with some particular features which make it similar to and different from other literatures. In the same way, different styles found their peculiar path within the pages of Argentine letters. The Argentina literature and its authors. What were the main writers and their works. As they struggled to give birth to their stories, facing a conflicting national reality.
Lunfardo, a mixture of European and Criollo features but ultimately an Argentine language, also is described here.
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Lunfardo and Tango Argentino: Compadrito portrait

Lunfardo and Tango Argentino

Lunfardo and tango are certainly not blood brothers. Tango has black blood and lunfardo has gringo blood. I am not taking sides, as far as tango is concerned, in the controversy between Hispanists and Nigroists; I am just saying that what is Spanish in tango is of African lineage, including...

10 Emblematic Argentine Writers: : Literary Salon of Marcos Sastre Detail Painting

10 Emblematic Argentine Writers

Brief report on the 10 emblematic Argentine writers. The 10 Argentine Writers of All Time, whose work was a turning point in the history of Argentine literature; and the 10 most representative works that are inscribed as fundamental in Argentine literature. Esteban Echeverría (1805-1851) His story El Matadero is considered...

Argentine Literature History: The Marcos Sastre Hall. Oil by Alberto M. Rossi. Miguel Ángel Moretón Collection Detail

Argentine Literature History

From 1810 to 1879 within the panorama of Latin American letters, the origin of Argentine literature lacks the American Indian features distinguishing, for instance, those of Mexico and Peru. The earliest records are chronicles of foreign travelers: Ulrico Schmidl (1510-1580) and Martín del Barco Centenera (1510-1580). and Ruy Díaz de Guzmán. Luis...