Fine Arts

Argentina Painting since 1920: Pheasant with fruits. Detail. Alfredo Guttero

Argentina Painting since 1920

Historiography of Argentine art coincides in naming Argentina painting since 1920, as the period when the modernization of the Argentine pictorial language took place. CONTENT Evolution of Argentine painting since 1920 20th Century Argentine Painters and the works that modernized the plastic language in Argentina Pío Collivadino (1869-1945) Alfredo Guttero (1882-1932) Emilio Pettoruti (1892-1971) Xul … Leer más

Argentina Painting from 1810 to 1920: La Porteña in the Temple. Detail. Raimundo Monvoisin painting

Argentina Painting from 1810 to 1920

Argentina Painting from 1810 to 1920 is the period that initiates with the May Revolution. Colonialism and religious motifs from Spanish Conquest were left behind. In 19th century Argentina painting, portraits and scenes of customs were the main themes. CONTENT Introduction to Argentine painting from 1810 to 1920 1st PERiOD DE 1810-1852 Argentina painting by foreign … Leer más

Colonial Period Argentine Fine Arts:. Detail. Florian Paucke

Colonial Period Argentine Fine Arts

The feature characterizing works from Colonial Period Argentine Fine Arts is, as Héctor Schenone states, “The predominance of religion… and the functionality attributed to art as a tool for persuading and conveying ideas”. Artists and craftsmen worked for the benefit of a community whose life was centered on the temple. The Religious Art of the … Leer más

Pre-Hispanic Period Argentine Fine Arts: Zooanthropomorphic vase. Condorhuasi pottery, Catamarca. Disc with four anthropomorphic faces. Bronze, Catamarca.

Pre-Hispanic Period Argentine Fine Arts

In the Pre-Hispanic Period Argentine Fine Arts, the most outstanding are the North-west cultures regarded as the ones which reached the highest degree of development before the Spaniards’ arrival. They engaged in agriculture and pottery, basing their economy on agriculture and knowing the techniques for the working of metals, ceramics and textiles. Argentine Fine Arts of … Leer más