You know which is the second highest peak in the world? … And wider river? … Yes, both are in Argentina. All landscapes, from the infinite horizon of La Pampa to the untamed peaks of the Andes. All subtropical climates from warm to cold snowy. And of course an extraordinary biodiversity of animals and plants. You have everything here in the Geography of Argentina, of El Sur del Sur: : Argentina, the country, its culture and its people.

Mapas de Argentina. Título.

Argentina Maps

Updated June 15, 2019 This report brings together a selection of maps of Argentina, most of them, used in our reports. Each of the maps, expresses information on various aspects of Argentina. In some cases we have included maps on the same subjects, with different approaches of different authors. We...

Título Provincias Argentinas

Argentine Provinces

Updated June 9, 2019 The Republic of Argentina, has 23 provinces and an autonomous city. The autonomous city of Buenos Aires, is the capital of the nation and seat of national government. Argentina is a sovereign state whose system of government is republican, representative and federal. The provinces are autonomous...

Argentina Geographic Regions, Altas Cumbres Road, Córdoba

Argentina Geographic Regions

Updated June 9, 2019 Argentina geographic regions are very dissimilar. There are plains and mountain ranges; woods and jungles; arid, swampy or clayish lands. Traversing the country along its latitude (3.779 km, according to IGN) is a long way. From the point of view of geography, Argentina can be divided...

Hidrography in Argentina Argentine south lakes

Hydrography in Argentina

Updated June 9, 2019 The Hydrography in Argentina, is of exceptional richness. Argentina has over its territory many rivers, and also has,lakes, wetlands, lagoons, ice fields and groundwater. A large number of rivers which are, for the most part, navigable, traverse the country. Some of these are extremely important in hydroelectric...

Península de Valdes, Mar Argentino, Costa Atlántica,

Types of Climate in Argentina

Updated June 9, 2019 One of the most salient features of the Argentine territory is its variety of climates: humid, dry, tropical heat or nival cold, through different kinds of mild climates. Nothing remains outside the possibilities offered by the types of climate in Argentina. The variety of geographical regions...

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