The Río de la Plata, the widest in the world

Río de la Plata, Widest river in the World

The Río de la Plata, the widest in the world, is located in South America on the border between Argentina and Uruguay. It arises from the confluence of the Paraná and Uruguay rivers, extending from northwest to southeast, to later flow into the South Atlantic. The Río de la Plata belongs to the Cuenca del … Leer más

Buenos Aires Capital City of Argentina

Buenos Aires Capital City of Argentina

The City of Buenos Aires, officially the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, is the federal capital of the Argentine Republic. It is the most prominent city in Argentina and is among the twenty largest cities in the world and the twenty-five most influential globally. In addition, it stands out as a unique city for its … Leer más

Argentina map

Best Argentina Map: Political, Physical, and Thematic

Argentina map, the best selection in maps of the country. Easily and quickly find the map of the Argentine Republic you are looking for: Political and physical map of Argentina, also called descriptive. We also present thematic maps in all their varieties: relief, climate, geographic regions, tourist attractions, environmental characteristics, population density and economic activities. … Leer más

Dimensions of Argentina: Surface area, Length, Perimeter

Dimensions of Argentina: Surface area, Length, Perimeter

What are the dimensions of Argentina? All you need to know. Here we tell you what the surface of Argentina is, its length, borders, and coasts. Everything about the extension, measurements, and size. Also neighboring countries and extreme points. Located in the southern part of South America, Argentina has a territory of surprising dimensions. Know … Leer más

Argentina Provinces: Capitals, areas, population

Argentina Provinces: Capitals, Area and Population

Argentina Provinces are called each of the 23 federated states that make up the Argentine Nation, which together with the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, capital of Argentina, constitute the 24 jurisdictions that integrate the Argentine Republic. The Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, is the capital of Argentina and seat of national government. Argentina is … Leer más

Argentina Geographic Regions, Altas Cumbres Road, Córdoba

8 Argentina Geographic Regions

Argentina’s geographic regions are very dissimilar. There are plains and mountain ranges; woods and jungles; arid, swampy, or clayish lands. Traversing the country along its latitude (3.779 km, according to IGN) is a long way. From the point of view of geography, Argentina can be divided into eight different regions defined by a homogeneous climate … Leer más

Hydrography in Argentina Argentine south lakes

Hydrography of Argentina

The hydrography of Argentina has an exceptional richness. Argentina has a large number of rivers throughout its territory and also has lakes, wetlands, lagoons, ice fields, and groundwater. Of the large number of watercourses that run through the country, most of which are navigable, some of them are of great hydroelectric importance. Rivers in Argentina … Leer más

Types of Climate in Argentina:

Types of Climate in Argentina

One of the most salient features of the Argentine territory is its variety of climates. humid, dry, tropical heat or nival cold, through different kinds of mild climates. Nothing remains outside the possibilities offered by the types of climate in Argentina. What is the Climate of Argentina Argentina is characterized by having all the climates: … Leer más