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Soon after the Lumiere’s invention acquired fame in France, cinema arrived in Argentina. The first national productions date from that time, and many other subjects: Which the first steps of silent cinema were, how the movie industry was born in our country, are developed … Here in El Sur del Sur: Argentina: The country, its culture and its people.

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Argentine Cinema (1945-1995)

Updated October 16, 2015Article of the guest columnist,Paraná Sendrós for Argentine cinema of ’50 Cinema arrived in Argentina soon after being launched in Paris and, in a short time, the first national productions started to be shot. Among other attractions, there were world-class pioneers in scientific and animation movies. But the true industry started only in 1933, with the establishment of sound film. The good times, when the Argentine movies were watched all over Hispanic-America, lasted until the early 1950s. Afterwards, the gradual closure of the big studios, the growth of television,...

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Argentine Cinema History (1896-1945)

Updated April 12, 2019The Silent Film Argentine cinema history begins with the first film exhibition with a motion picture of the Lumiére’s, that took place on July 18, 1896. In 1894 the kinetoscope had already made its arrival and, by early 1896, a kinetoscope concessionaire had tried public projections with a device of his own invention. Article of the guest columnist, Paraná Sendros for In 1897, the import of French cameras started, and a Frenchman living in Argentina, Eugene Py, became the first filmmaker and cameraman with La bandera argentina (The Argentine Flag), a...

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