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Argentina, Its People: How are the Argentines. Who were the first inhabitants and indigenous peoples? Since the Spanish conquest took place. What happened with the arrival of immigrants? As influenced our culture and customs. As the complicated identity was gradually characterizing Argentine developed.
Tango, football, political passions, among others is Argentine emblematic icons of our identity. To learn more see this section of the People in El Sur del Sur: Argentina, the country, its culture and its people….

Puerto Madero, vista del canal con la Fragata. Buenos Aires

Argentine Tourism Industry

Touristic Destinations Argentine tourism industry developed favored by the magnitude of the wealth of the attractions of our country. The richness of landscapes, and the important tourist infrastructure that has Argentina, allows having a wide...

Exposición Ganadera Argentina en la Sociedad Rural

Livestock in Argentina

Panorama of livestock in Argentina According to the figures from the 1988 Livestock National Census (Instituto Nacional de Estadísticas y Censos, INDEC), in Argentina there are 75 million head of cattle including bovine, ovine,...

Comercio Exterior de Argentina

Foreign Trade in Argentina

Mercosur On 1 January 1995 began operating the Mercosur, a zone of free trade between the Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay. Customs Union imperfect, was implemented within the Mercosur, in order to reach the...

Agricultura Argentina, vista aérea

Agriculture in Argentina

Panorama of agriculture in Argentina The agriculture in Argentina is one of the main economic activities that not only caters to the country, but that the surplus is exported. Argentina has a continental area...