Types of crops Argentina produces

What types of crops does Argentina produce?

Argentina produces a wide variety of types of crops. They can be grouped into: cereals and oilseeds, fruits, vegetables, and flowers; industrial crops such as yerba mate, cotton, tobacco, and sugar cane; and planted forests of economic importance due to their forestry and timber production. Among the types of crops, oilseeds, cereals, and forage crops … Leer más

May Revolution Argentina's First Patriotic Government

May Revolution Argentina’s First National Government

The May Revolution, May 25, 1810, deposed the Spanish viceroy and appointed the Primera Junta (First Patriotic Government Board), elected by the people, in the Cabildo of Buenos Aires, the Capital of the then Viceroyalty of the Río de la Plata. It is also the culmination of May Week where revolutionary actions mark the path … Leer más

Argentine Tourism Industry: Puerto Madero, view of the Fragata. Buenos Aires.

Argentine Tourism Industry

Argentine tourism industry developed favored by the magnitude of the wealth of the attractions of our country. The richness of landscapes, and the important tourist infrastructure that has Argentina, allows having a wide and varied tourism offering. From Quiaca to Ushuaia, and from Andes to the Atlantic Coast, Argentina has a wide range of tourist destinations, … Leer más

Transportation and Communications in Argentina

Transportation and Communications in Argentina

In 1990 transportation and communications in Argentina, representing 5% of GDP, arriving in 2017 to 9,8%. The transport capacity of a country is linked to its economic potential. Not enough to have a good production. Economic development implies to transport products in and outside the territory, in a short time and at low cost. According … Leer más

Mining and Power in Argentina: Salto Grande

Mining and Power in Argentina

The mining and power in Argentina , is closely linked to the growth of economic activities in the country.Argentina is a country rich in mineral reserves and energy resources, which have not yet been exploited to the extent of their potential. Although, Vaca Muerta, is the second unconventional gas resource in the world, and 4th … Leer más

Industrial Activity in Argentina

Industrial Activity in Argentina

The industrial activity in Argentina is going through a particularly difficult period marked by the rise in domestic costs, the fall in consumption, the inability to import inputs necessary to produce and lack of funding. Stagnated since 2012, the sector accounts for only 15.5% of the national economy. Within the organization of industrial activity in … Leer más

Livestock in Argentina: Livestock exhibition in the Rural Society

Livestock in Argentina

According to the 2018 National Agricultural Census in the livestock sector, there are just over 40 million cattle, approximately 8.6 million sheep, 2.5 million goats, almost 3.6 million pigs, and just over 904,000 horses. (Source: Instituto Nacional de Estadísticas y Censos, INDEC Censo Agropecuario 2018) Panorama of livestock in Argentina The cattle were reduced to … Leer más

Argentina Foreign Trade: Imports and Exports: Containers in the port

Foreign Trade in Argentina: Import and Export

Argentina’s foreign trade is the exchange of goods, products and services with other countries or economic regions. Since the implementation of Mercosur in 1995, Argentina’s foreign trade has been mainly with Brazil. The latter being Argentina’s main trading partner, both in terms of export and import, ahead of the US, China and the EU. Since … Leer más

Agriculture in Argentina: Crops, Productive areas

Agriculture in Argentina: Crops, Productive Areas [2024]

Agriculture in Argentina is one of the main economic activities. Not only supplies the country but the surplus is exported. Argentina has a continental area of about 2.8 million square kilometers and around 37.5 million hectares of crops. Argentina’s main crops cultivated in this area are soybeans, wheat, corn, sunflowers, sorghum, and barley. This article … Leer más

Fishing Activity in Argentina; Inauguration of the Porto Belo Ship

Fishing Activity in Argentina

Given the importance of fisheries resources, Argentina’s fishing is an economic activity with high expectations for the future. Argentina is a country with a long marine coast, with 4700 km of coastline on the South Atlantic Ocean, plus inland waters, and aquaculture. The Argentine Sea is characterized by its size and biodiversity, making it one … Leer más

Economic Activities in Argentina

Economic Activities in Argentina

Argentina economic activities followed a pattern of agricultural and livestock exports which endured from the colonial times up to the early decades of the 20th century. Then it gave rise to the production of some manufactures, which stopped coming from Europe, until the establishment of industries that would mark the early path of the country. … Leer más