Los Dinzel

Winners of numerous awards as Tango Argentino figures dance . Directors of the Tango Dance Company that bears his name.
They published in 1994 the book El Tango: Una danza. Esa ansiosa búsqueda de la libertad. (The Tango: A Dance. That anxious quest for freedom). In 2013, the City of Buenos Aires, the distinguished as prominent individuals.

Tango argentino: Bailando Tango en el Palais de Glace

History of Tango Argentino

Origin of Argentine Tango Undoubtedly, Tango Argentino holds a privileged position in the representation of the Argentine abroad. While, basically, it is known as a dance and a music which can be sung, tango also contains a particular language – lunfardo -, certain usages and customs, and even a characteristic...