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Agriculture in Argentina: Crops, Productive areas Aerial view field

Agriculture in Argentina: Crops, Productive areas

Agriculture in Argentina is one of the main economic activities that not only caters to the country but that the surplus is exported. Argentina has a continental area of about 2.8 million square kilometers and has around 37,5 million hectares of agricultural crops. The main crops that occupy this area are soybeans, wheat, corn, sunflower, … Leer más

Argentina Continental Integration

Argentina Continental Integration

The continental integration of Latin American countries, “the great nation” was the dream of the Liberators of the War of Independence of the Spanish empire, as José de San Martín and Simón Bolivar. Latin American countries started to be emancipated at a time when the great European powers began to apportion the world into different … Leer más

Fishing Activity in Argentina; Inauguration of the Porto Belo Ship

Fishing Activity in Argentina

Given the importance of fisheries resources, Argentina’s fishing is an economic activity with high expectations for the future. Argentina is a country with a long marine coast, with 4700 km of coastline on the South Atlantic Ocean, plus inland waters, and aquaculture. The Argentine Sea is characterized by its size and biodiversity, making it one … Leer más

Economic Activities in Argentina

Economic Activities in Argentina

Argentina economic activities followed a pattern of agricultural and livestock exports which endured from the colonial times up to the early decades of the 20th century. Then it gave rise to the production of some manufactures, which stopped coming from Europe, until the establishment of industries that would mark the early path of the country. … Leer más

Argentina in the world

Argentina in the World: Location, Surface, Population

The place of Argentina in the world, is eighth, by the size of its surface. Of the 200 countries in the world, Argentina is one of the largest after Russia, Canada, China, USA, Brazil, Australia and India. Argentina limits over 9376 km with Chile, Bolivia, Paraguay, Brazil and Uruguay. It is the second largest South … Leer más

Argentina Geographic Regions, Altas Cumbres Road, Córdoba

8 Argentina Geographic Regions

Argentina’s geographic regions are very dissimilar. There are plains and mountain ranges; woods and jungles; arid, swampy, or clayish lands. Traversing the country along its latitude (3.779 km, according to IGN) is a long way. From the point of view of geography, Argentina can be divided into eight different regions defined by a homogeneous climate … Leer más

Hydrography in Argentina Argentine south lakes

Hydrography of Argentina

The hydrography of Argentina has an exceptional richness. Argentina has a large number of rivers throughout its territory and also has lakes, wetland lagoons, ice fields, and groundwater. Of the large number of watercourses that run through the country, most of which are navigable, some of them are of great hydroelectric importance. The most important … Leer más

Types of Climate in Argentina: Península de Valdes, Mar Argentino, Costa Atlántica,

Types of Climate in Argentina

One of the most salient features of the Argentine territory is its variety of climates. humid, dry, tropical heat or nival cold, through different kinds of mild climates. Nothing remains outside the possibilities offered by the types of climate in Argentina. What is the Climate in Argentina Argentina is characterized by having all the climates: … Leer más

Miguel Lillo Foundation

Miguel Lillo Foundation

Fundación Miguel Lillo was created as a consequence of the legacy of the scholar and philantropist Dr. Miguel Lillo, which was accepted by the National State in all its terms, as per Decree No. 12.935 and 14.729/46, unanimously ratified by the Honorable National Congress as per 1947 Act No. 12.935. Origin Miguel Lillo Foundation Dr. … Leer más

Argentine Antarctic Domain Map

Argentine Antarctic Domain

The Argentine Antarctic Domain belongs to the Antarctic Region. It encompasses the southern islands and the Antarctica. The Antarctic Domain of Argentina, is usually considered to be coincident with the limits of the Antarctic Province. See all reports about Biogeography of Argentina >> Antarctica Province The Antarctica Province encompasses the whole of the Antarctica and … Leer más