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Argentina en el Mundo Planisferio

Argentina in the World

AArgentina in the world, is in eighth place, by the size of its surface. Of the 200 countries in the world, Argentina is one of the largest after Russia, Canada, China, USA, Brazil, Australia...

Argentina Geographic Regions, Altas Cumbres Road, Córdoba

Argentina Geographic Regions

Argentina geographic regions are very dissimilar. There are plains and mountain ranges; woods and jungles; arid, swampy or clayish lands. Traversing the country along its latitude (3.779 km, according to IGN) is a long...

Hidrography in Argentina Argentine south lakes

Hydrography in Argentina

The Hydrography in Argentina, is of exceptional richness. Argentina has over its territory many rivers, and also has,lakes, wetlands, lagoons, ice fields and groundwater. A large number of rivers which are, for the most part,...

Península de Valdes, Mar Argentino, Costa Atlántica,

Types of Climate in Argentina

One of the most salient features of the Argentine territory is its variety of climates: humid, dry, tropical heat or nival cold, through different kinds of mild climates. Nothing remains outside the possibilities offered...

Mapa del Dominio Subantártico Argentino

Subantarctic Domain

El Dominio Subantártico Argentino y las dos Provincias Biogeográficas en que se divide dentro del territorio argentino. Ubicación, características, flora y fauna.