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Hidrography in Argentina Argentine south lakes

Hydrography in Argentina

Updated March 29, 2019 The Hydrography in Argentina, is of exceptional richness. Argentina has over its territory many rivers, and also has,lakes, wetlands, lagoons, ice fields and groundwater. A large number of rivers which are, for the most part, navigable, traverse the country. Some of these are extremely important in hydroelectric terms. The most important hydrographic systems in Argentina belong to the Atlantic Slope. They are the Plata Basin and the Patagonian System. Argentina also has other water systems as endorheic basins, the slope of the Pacific and the lakes and lagoons. Atlantic Slope Plata Basin...

Península de Valdes, Mar Argentino, Costa Atlántica,

Types of Climate in Argentina

Updated March 29, 2019 One of the most salient features of the Argentine territory is its variety of climates: humid, dry, tropical heat or nival cold, through different kinds of mild climates. Nothing remains outside the possibilities offered by the types of climate in Argentina. The variety of geographical regions in Argentina, are a determining factor of the different types of climates. To learn more about the different regions, and the Argentine water systems see Argentina Geographic Regions and Hydrography in Argentina Geographical factors determining Climate Due to its vast territory, Argentina presents...

Museo Fundación Miguel Lillo - Tucuman

Miguel Lillo Foundation

Updated April 3, 2019Origin Miguel Lillo Foundation Fundación Miguel Lillo was created as a consequence of the legacy of the scholar and philantropist Dr. Miguel Lillo, which was accepted by the National State in all its terms, as per Decree No. 12.935 and 14.729/46, unanimously ratified by the Honorable National Congress as per 1947 Act No. 12.935. Dr. Miguel Lillo entrusted 10 remarkable personalities of Tucumán scientific and cultural milieu belonging the so called Centennial Generation with the management of his legacy. They would constitute, ad honorem and for life, an Advisory Commission....

Glossary of Zoological Terms

Glossary of Zoological Terms of Argentina

Updated April 7, 2019Glossary of Zoological Terms of Argentina with the fauna of Biogeographic Provinces, presented by its common and scientific name; and in alphabetical order. Article of the guest columnist, Esteban O. Lavilla y Juan A. González for See all reports about Biogeography of Argentina >> [A] —[C] — [D] — [E] — [F] — [G] [H] — [I] — [J] — [K] — [L] — [M] [N] — [Ñ] — [O] — [P] — [Q] — [R] [S] — [T] — [U] — [V] — [W] — [X] [Y] —...

Juan Manuel Fangio

History of Argentine Sport

Updated October 11, 2015Artículo de columnista invitado Daniel H. Jacubovich para If history of Argentine sport were a summation of dates and synoptic charts, we could search for the datum indicating the day when, for the first time in these lands so far away from the “civilized” centers, a competition was held for something more serious and less tragic than a military battle. Fortunately, once again we realize that sports, their history, their competitive level and their place in the scale of social values become a symptom of what is happening, of...

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