Angel Fumagalli

Ballet critic and historian, Angel Fumagalli was director and founder of the specialized magazine Buenos Aires Ballet. He made choreographic notes for Música Hoy and Correo Musical Argentino.

From 1985 until his death, he was in charge of the historical program notes for the choreographic shows at the Teatro Colón.

He was a delegate in Argentina for the Anuario del Ballet en Latinoamérica (Ballet Yearbook in Latin America)(Peru).

He was secretary of the Manuel de Falla Argentine Cultural Institute of Hispanic Music.

Angel Fumagalli collaborated as a critic in: Tribuna Musical; Mundo de la danza (World of Dance), Toda la danza (All Dance) y La danza (The Dance). He does special work for Lycra (dedicated to sacred art, German and Swiss culture, and contemporary Russian art in Argentina); Ars (dedicated to Richard Strauss), and Artynf.

As a writer, he produced the monographs: Olga Ferri and Neglia; worked in co-participation: Four Centuries of Ballet; the translation of Isadora Duncan, by A. Levinson and special notes for Vida y Gloria of the Teatro Colón with photographs by Aldo Sessa.

He gave illustrated lectures with dancers from the Teatro Colón throughout the country. He offered conferences in the Golden Hall of the Teatro Colón, Belgrano Auditorium, Golden Hall of the Cervantes National Theater, and Mar del Plata Auditorium, among other cultural centers.

Angel Fumagalli died on May 22, 1999, in Mar del Plata, at 54 years.

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