Gloria and Rodolfo Dinzel

Gloria y Rodolfo Dinzel. Retrato

The Dinzels, Gloria and Rodolfo Dinzel are an award-winning Argentine Tango dance couple.

The Dinzels are Directors of the Tango Dance Company that bears their name.

They were nominated for the Tony Awards in New York in the choreography category in 1986, when they were part of the cast of Tango Argentino on Broadway, for five years.

Winners of the dance figures distinction within the María Ruanova 1995 awards by the Argentine Dance Council.

Gloria and Rodolfo Dinzel are full members of the National Academy of Tango and directors of the Dance Department of this institution.

They also serve as president and vice president of the Civil Association for the Study and Research of Tango (ACEIT).

They were appointed in 1994 by the Secretary of Culture of the Nation as president and vice president of the Organizing Commission of the Tango Week, a project of their creation.

Directors of the Dance program at the University of Tango of Buenos Aires.
They carry out research work and publish several works. Among them: Tango: A dance. That anxious search for freedom (1994); Tango, a Dance. Scheme D: Dinzel System of Choreographic Notation (2011); Tango, a Dance. My Tango (2012).

In 2002 they were appointed directors of the “School of Tango Dance” at the Konex Cultural Center and Presidents of the Chairs of the Dance Department of the Tango School of the Konex Foundation.

In 2013, the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires distinguished them as Outstanding Personalities.

Born Gloria Inés Varo and Carlos Rodolfo Dinzelbacher, after a long, successful, and multi-award-winning career, they died on August 12, 2018 and January 1, 2015, respectively.

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