Daniel Horacio Jacubovich

Daniel Horacio Jacubovich. Photograph

Daniel Horacio Jacubovich is a sports journalist. He works for print, television, and radio media.

He conducts NBA by Space for Latin America and the Caribbean and General Director of the Structure of ENARD.

Jacubovich had his first professional experiences in well-known newspapers Tiempo Argentino and Diario Popular during the 80s. At the Radio Mitre, he was part of the legendary “Sport 80” team. Since 1987 he has collaborated with Página 12.

Interested in sports policy, he accepts the position of advisor in international relations at the National Sports Secretariat.

He was then assigned the presidency of the National Anti-Doping Commission. Later he was treasurer of the National High Performance Sports Entity (ENARD), and currently serves as general director of ENARD.

Articles by Daniel Horacio Jacubovich for his surdelsur.com: