Osvaldo Calatayud

Osvaldo Calatayud. Retrato

Don Osvaldo Calatayud (1925-2001) was an actor, director and researcher. He served as director of the Nuevo Teatro Bonorino (1952-57), Teatro Diagonal (1958-61), Deputy Director and Director of the Teatro Nacional Cervantes (1987-2000).

Exiled in Spain in 1977, he created the theater group Buenos Aires, Mass Media, and Farándula. He participated as an actor in a dozen films. He published the book Bonorinoalsetecientos. He collaborated in numerous cultural magazines and bulletins.

Osvaldo Calatayud was an Advisor to the Theater Directorate of the National Secretariat of Culture.

He was in charge of the National Institute of Theater Studies (1987).

He received the Konex Diploma of Merit Awards in 1991, María Guerrero (1994), and Carrusel de las Artes (1995) among others.

He passed away on 08/07/2001.

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