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This report brings together a selection of maps of Argentina, most of them, used in our reports. Each of the maps, expresses information on various aspects of Argentina. In some cases we have included maps on the same subjects, with different approaches of different authors. We have also included links to related topics, that expand the information contained in each of the maps. Moreover, most of them has a link to download a version of the map in high resolution.

Types Argentina Maps

Maps divided into the following groups:

Political maps Argentina

Mapa de Argentina, espacio continental, insular y marítimo

Argentina map with political division

Official Map of Argentina with Political Division, prepared by the National Geographic Institute. The map includes the continental, insular and maritime space. All on the same scale. Division by provinces and neighboring countries.
Learn more about limits, lengths and surfaces we suggest see Dimensions of Argentina. For more information on maps, location, area and population of each province, see Argentina Provinces

Mapa de Argentina político. Parte continental americana

Political Map

Map of Argentina with a focus on its American mainland. The Antarctic part is shown in a different scale. It also expresses the division into provinces, capitals and major cities.

Physical maps Argentina

Map of Argentina physical and orographic

Map of Argentina physical and orographic

Map of modern representation of the topography and landforms, including:
Named mountain ranges and height of the main peaks. Provincial and national boundaries.
Major rivers and their tributaries, lakes and reservoirs. Atlantic coast and major accidents.
On this last topic you can find information and images Hydrography in Argentina .
Download version 1828×2714 px

Physical maps Argentina

Physical maps Argentina

This map contains information about the different heights of the relief and geographical depressions. Major hills, mountains, plains, ridges and peaks of Argentina.
It differs from the previous one, mainly because it allows to understand that landform belongs to each province.
Besides presenting the location of the provincial capitals, major cities and heights, defined by different colors.

Alti bathymetric map of Argentina with colors showing the heights

Alti bathymetric map of Argentina

Map representing mountain areas, mountain ranges, plateaus and plains defined by color, according to their height.
Download version 1687×2700 px

Maps of Argentina by Region

Map of geographical areas, differentiated by color,

Map of Geographical Regions

Because of our vast territory and rich biodiversity, there are different approaches, about the number of geographic regions present in our country. This map shows the presence of 8 geographical regions, endorsed by numerous studies on the subject. Those regions are described in the report on Argentina Geographic Regions.

Map of Biogeographic Provinces

Map of Biogeographic Provinces

These maps made by our team, are based on an extensive report by Lillo Institute In this report, the Argentine territory is divided for study into regions, domains and biogeographic provinces . For an approach to the subject, we suggest see the report Regiones biogeográficas argentinas.

Map of ecoregions

Map of Ecoregions

This map shows the different regions of the Argentine territory according to environmental characteristics, its flora and its most emblematic fauna.
Download version 1537×2279 px

Environmental Map of Argentina

Environmental Map

The environmental map is a map of ecoregions, which the most emblematic flora and fauna. Location of the national parks, and natural sites distinguished by UNESCO as World Heritage.
Download version 1578×2345 px

Climates Maps

Mapa de tipos y variedades de climas

Map of types and varieties of climates

Map where it is represented different types of climates and its division into varieties according to their location in each climate zone.
Download version 1701×2722 px

Mapa de Argentina de tipos de climas, identificados por color

Map of Types of Climates

This map shows, in general terms, four major climatic regions. The following report analyzes the Types of Climate in Argentina.

Maps attractions of Argentina

Mapa turistico de Argentina, con las opciones en cada región

Tourist Map

Physical map representing the various tourist activities that can be performed in each region.
Download version 1537×2459 px

Mapa arqueológico de Argentina

Archaeological Map

Map with division by provinces exhibiting the major archaeological sites of Argentina.
Download version 1537×2459 px

Demographic Map

Mapa demográfico de Argentina, con densidad de población indicada por diferencias de color

Demographic Map

Argentina map with political division, where is indicated by color, the density of population per province, made with information from the National Census of Population and Housing 2010 INDEC. On the issue of population can be consulted Population Argentina: The Argentine Present
Download version 1527×2390 px

There are two interesting features to consider, the first of which involves downloading maps, for school use. Get them by clicking here.
The second resource is a collection of maps of the Argentine Provinces. Click here.
Both services are managed by the Instituto Geográfico Nacional. (National Geographic Institute).

  • Ministerio de Educación (Ministry of Education). Argentina Maps Map Library
  • IGN. Instituto Geográfico Nacional (National Geographic Institute). Map Service

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